The McDonald Family


A Brief Introduction To Our Family

Beth and I and all our children are Scottish-born and bred. As Scots, we are very proud of our national heritage: as Christians, we are very proud of our spiritual heritage. We met through the church and our common love for the Lord and His work resulted in our union in December 1995.

Beth’s family are members of the church. Her mother and sister live in Cumbernauld and worship with us. None of my family are Christians. I grew up in the Baptist denomination. I was converted in 1988 after George Hill invited me to meetings in East Kilbride. Jack Strachan taught and baptized me. A little more than a year later I was in Florida studying to be a preacher to return here to serve the church.

Since graduating in 1991, I have served full-time in Edinburgh and Cumbernauld. Along the way, I have taken part-time work to subsidize my earnings but God has blessed our family and has always taken care of or needs. Today, we are raising four wonderful children in the paths of the Lord.

Whenever you are in Scotland, be sure to visit us in Cumbernauld. A warm welcome awaits you.


In 1994 I met and decided to marry Elizabeth. In 1995, I told Elizabeth of my plans and in December 1995 we were married. Within a couple of years we had a family. Joshua arrived in September 1997, Megan in January 1999, Bethany in February 2000 and finally, Elijah, in May 2003. We moved to our present home shortly after Elijah was born.

I became a Christian in April 1988 when I was baptized. In 1989, I left my job in sales to study at the Florida School of Preaching from which I graduated in 1991. My first preaching job was in Sighthill, Edinburgh, Scotland where Andrew Gardner was my mentor. In May 1994, I moved to Cumbernauld, Scotland and continue to serve here with Adam Barr.